What To Expect:

When we meet, you can expect that we will do the following:

1)  I’ll introduce myself.

2)  I’ll show you where the waiting room is.

3)  I’ll show you where the restroom is.

4)  I’ll ask you to sit in my office.

5)  I’ll briefly review the limits of confidentiality.

6)  I’ll ask you “What brings you here?”

7)  I’ll listen to your situation and give you an honest assessment of what I think will be necessary to address your challenges.

8)  We’ll start working!

9)  When our time is almost up, I’ll ask you, “Do you think this will be a space to address your concern?”

10)  I’ll also (in order to help you consolidate the benefit of the session) ask you what you think was most meaningful that happened in the session.

11)  We’ll schedule our next session.